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Re: Use SMTPS?

From: Gijs Hillenius
Subject: Re: Use SMTPS?
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 09:51:29 +0200
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On 27 Jun 2009, Nicolai Stange wrote:

> Hi again,
> thank you very much for your hint on Gmail.
> Unfortunately it doesn't work for me, sending a mail just results in
> hanging. 
> Gnutls seems to work, as status line of emacs says 
> "Opening STARTTLS connection to done" and 
> nic@nic-laptop:~$ lsof | grep
> gnutls-cl 15549        nic    4u     IPv4              53799
> TCP nic-laptop.local:46475-> (ESTABLISHED)
> But  in buffer *trace of SMTP session to* nothing but a
> "QUIT" appears (maybe afer I cancel sending through C-g).
> Is STARTTLS really the same as SMTPS to port 465 on server?
> Regards

Hi Nicolai

I have a hunch you're trying to make gnustls work on port 465. That
port probably wants an immediate tls bridge, which is what gnuts-cli at
this moment does not handle.. Google Marco Maggi Bash Function Library
(mbfl.html) and his notes on gnutls-cli.

Can you switch to using port 587? 


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