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Re: Using ``^'' in Gnus

From: Pierfrancesco Caci
Subject: Re: Using ``^'' in Gnus
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 15:40:28 +0200
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>>>>> "Merciadri" == Merciadri Luca <> writes:

    Merciadri> Pierfrancesco Caci <> writes:
    >> did you try to configure a compose key instead of using the
    >> dead accents ? I find it much easier to use. --> àéïôūç it's an
    >> X setting anyway, nothing to do with emacs afaik.
    >> -- Pierfrancesco Caci

    Merciadri> How can I do this?

this is getting off-topic, but then:

from the gnome menu: system->preferences->keyboard, select the layout
tab, click on layout option, choose a compose key position of your
taste (i usually keep it on the 'menu' key). You then get accented
letters by using 'compose accent letter' i.e. to get á you tap the
newly defined compose key, then tap the ' then tap the a.

If you're not using gnome, it can be done with xkeycaps or even by
fiddling with xorg.conf directly, but's been a long time and I don't
really remember how right now. 

This works best if you are using a plain US-english keyboard and
layout, of course, otherwise you miss the standalone accents needed
for the trick. 

A full list of compose combinations is somewhere under /usr/share/keymaps


Pierfrancesco Caci

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