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Wiping all newsgroup data

From: Brett Randall
Subject: Wiping all newsgroup data
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:35:52 +1000
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Hey all

I use the free NNTP server . A few months ago, this closed
down while moving to a new ISP. Since opening up again, I've had no end
of problems with newsgroups. Originally no new articles were showing up
in the groups. I munged .newsrc.eld until I started to see new articles
again, but now when I close gnus and open it again, all the unread
articles appear to be marked as read again.

Is there any way I can properly clear out everything to do with this
NNTP server and all newsgroups from gnus, and start the news side of
things from scratch? Need to not touch any of my mail groups, archive
groups, etc in the process.

Brett Randall

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