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Re: Leaving messages on the server

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: Leaving messages on the server
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 18:00:30 +0300
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On 2009-08-17 16:43 (+0200), Merciadri Luca wrote:

> "Mark T.B. Carroll" <> writes:
>> How is your mail-source-delete-incoming variable set?
> I do not even have this variable. What should it be set to?

That variable is only about ~/Mail/Incoming* files. It's not about mail
on a remote POP/IMAP server.

If your Gnus downloads your mail from POP3 or IMAP server you should
read info page "(gnus) Mail Source Specifiers". For POP3 the variable is
pop3-leave-mail-on-server. For IMAP it seems to be ":dontexpunge t" flag
with the imap mail-source specifier . I have never used either of these
options so I'm not really sure how they work. (I use /usr/bin/fetchmail)

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