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Re: ``Quips'' in signatures

From: Joe Fineman
Subject: Re: ``Quips'' in signatures
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 17:46:32 -0400
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Richard Riley <> writes:

> Joe Fineman <> writes:
>> Richard Riley <> writes:
>>> Joe Fineman <> writes:
>>>> Richard Riley <> writes:
>>>>> Ah yes, I use posting styles
>>>> -- whatever they are --
>> Of the first page brought up (10 of 987,000 results), only one even
>> pretends to explain what a posting style is, and that one, on
>> inspection, turns out to start in the middle of a conversation.


> The very first hit takes you to the gnus posting styles manual entry:

Evidently it did for you, but it didn't for me, then or now.

> From there it's a question of, well, reading and cross indexing ...

Whatever "cross indexing" is, I suspect it would take a good deal of
it to determine whether, & if so how, this facility would enable me to
distinguish between business & personal postings.  In practice, all
newsgroup postings, for me, are personal, so that part is actually
mentioned.  For email, however, it is not obvious how to automate the
distinction.  For a reply to incoming mail, it depends on whether,
prior to replying, I stowed the email in a subdirectory of ~/b or
~/p.  For mail originated by me, I suppose it would depend on
establishing somewhere a list of all my customers -- and remembering
to update it when I got a new customer.  All that to avoid remembering
the difference between M-x bsig and M-x psig!

> You're not winding me up here are you? :-)

I don't know that idiom.  Is it related to "get the wind up"?  That I
have at least heard of.  No, I am not trying to alarm you.  %^)
---  Joe Fineman

||:  One doesn't fly the enemy's flag, but there is no need to  :||
||:  call it a bad flag.                                        :||

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