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Re: Any way of skipping failed groups?

From: Paul Mead
Subject: Re: Any way of skipping failed groups?
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 07:55:47 +0100
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Ted Zlatanov <> writes:

> On Tue, 25 Aug 2009 09:27:34 +0000 (UTC) Paul Mead <> 
> wrote: 
> PM> I've got a group which seems to be causing problems, and as a result I 
> can't
> PM> start gnus and look at all my other groups.
> PM> I'm quite frustrated that a single group can take the whole application 
> down -
> PM> is there any setting that will make this more resilient? Something like a 
> 'skip
> PM> on error' would be great.
> Usually, C-g will do it.
> Ted

Hi Ted

That deals with the situation where getting the group locks up, and I do
have some groups which seem to be prone to that, so it comes in handy.

However I've had situations recently where it just dumps me out to the
initial splash screen with buffer named as *Group*, but with no groups!
Any keys typed just echo on the splash screen. There's an error in the
minibuffer (something about a date format) but I can't get to my mail.

(Sorry to be vague about the error, I'm on a different PC which doesn't
have the problem). I'd obviously like to figure out what the problem is
when I've got time, but I'd just like to get past it in the meantime.


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