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Re: Problem with maildir as backend

From: Wolfgang Pausch
Subject: Re: Problem with maildir as backend
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 07:13:23 +0200

Hello Ted,

> I would try the Server buffer (`^' from the Group buffer).  Then press
> RET on the nnmaildir server.  You should see the mail.misc group.

Thanks.  When I enter the server buffer and hit RET on the nnmaildir server, I 
get an empty buffer called Gnus Browse Server. 

Is the mail.misc group in some way related to the .newsrc.* files I deleted?  
(however, the current state is that gnus again has created a .newsrc.eld file, 
so there is one there).

Are there some other files where information about mail.misc is / should be 
stored, or how does gnus administrate this group?

And yes, maybe I'll have a look what happens if I fetch from pop3 directly.

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