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Re: Problem with maildir as backend

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Problem with maildir as backend
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:39:00 -0500
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On Thu, 10 Sep 2009 07:13:23 +0200 "Wolfgang Pausch" <> 

WP> Hello Ted,
>> I would try the Server buffer (`^' from the Group buffer).  Then press
>> RET on the nnmaildir server.  You should see the mail.misc group.

WP> Thanks.  When I enter the server buffer and hit RET on the nnmaildir 
server, I get an empty buffer called Gnus Browse Server. 

Something is wrong with the server setup then, it thinks you don't have
any subdirectories in that Maildir.  Does the ".mail.misc" Maildir
directory exist under the Maildir root of that server?  Does it exist
anywhere on your system?  How is the server configured?  Can you try
making a new nnmaildir server if the Maildir exists?

WP> Is the mail.misc group in some way related to the .newsrc.* files I
WP> deleted?  (however, the current state is that gnus again has created
WP> a .newsrc.eld file, so there is one there).

The Maildir should have been created persistently on disk, and should be
visible when you browse the server.  AFAIK browsing the server does not
use the newsrc file to list the groups, it talks to the server directly.

WP> Are there some other files where information about mail.misc is / should be 
stored, or how does gnus administrate this group?

AFAIK the newsrc.eld file, your Lisp-based Gnus configuration, and the
physical Maildir presence on the disk are what defines that mail.misc

WP> And yes, maybe I'll have a look what happens if I fetch from pop3 directly.

OK.  I would also consider running a local IMAP server on top of Maildir
as others have described.  In my experience direct Maildir access works
fine and allows article editing, which can be valuable, but there are
many more MUAs compatible with IMAP than with Maildir.  You can have
both in any case (IMAP on top of Maildir for other MUAs, direct to that
Maildir for Gnus).  Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer :)


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