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Re: rss feed stuck - keeps downloading same articles

From: jidanni
Subject: Re: rss feed stuck - keeps downloading same articles
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 03:18:53 +0800

>>>>> "PM" == Paul Mead <> writes:
Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
> Look for the dump of the RSS entries, and specifically any fields that
> mutate between two fetches.  In other words, you have:
> fetch A:
> entry E1:
> field P: "hello"
> fielq Q: "bye"
> fetch B:
> entry E2:
> field P: "hello"
> fielq Q: "bye again"
> nnrss computes a hash based on P and Q and all the other fields in the
> entry, so you have to find what Qs change between fetch A and fetch B
> and ignore those Qs.
> Ted
PM> Right, so if I've got this right, I can look for where the same message
PM> is downloaded with different hashes and then compare the message to see
PM> which field changed?

And it turns out, unlike other feeds, for Mediawiki 1.16 feeds,
"<!-- diff generator: internal 2009-09-07 20:40:16 -->"
comments are chucked into the text body of every entry that involves a diff.

So this causes the same articles to be replayed over and over, and even
more insidious, mount up bigger and bigger in the already read articles
of the nnrss newsgroup,
O    1 090608  ?||WikiSysop     :
O    1 090701  ?||WikiSysop     :
O    1 090608  ?||WikiSysop     :
O    1 090701  ?||WikiSysop     :
O    1 090608  ?||WikiSysop     :
O    1 090701  ?||WikiSysop     :...
Note the alternating days.
Personally I'll try using
  E runs the command gnus-summary-mark-as-expirable
on every article in the nnrss group to try to clean things up,
and of course file
to the perpetrators.

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