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Re: How many articles do you want to ...?

From: Merciadri Luca
Subject: Re: How many articles do you want to ...?
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 14:27:33 +0200
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Richard Riley <> writes:

> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>> Francis Moreau <> writes:
>>> On Sep 6, 2:32 pm, Richard Riley <> wrote:
>>>> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>>>> > Hello,
>>>> > When fetching threads of a given Usenet group, Gnus *always* asks me
>>>> > how many articles I want to fetch. I think that it is unuseful, as I
>>>> > have some groups where I want to dowload (the last) 2000 threads, and, on
>>>> > another thread, I want only the 5 (last) threads.
>>>> > How can I manage to make Gnus keeping trace of how much threads I want
>>>> > to fetch in a given Usenet group? If it is impossible to make this
>>>> > number varying, depending upon the group, how can I configure Gnus so
>>>> > it always fetch x threads without asking me how much?
>>>> > If it is still impossible, how can I ask Gnus to use a default value
>>>> > about the numbers of threads which need to be downloaded, whatever the
>>>> > group?
>>>> > Thanks.
>>>> >
>>>> You could start by looking up
>>>>       gnus-large-newsgroup
>>> Well, this is not exactly what the OP wants AFAIK.
>> You are right.
>>> Setting gnus-large-newsgroup to 2000 (for example) just means that if
>>> the a news group has less than 2000 articles then gnus won't prompt
>>> the user otherwise it will.
>> Ok. I didn't know that.
> Did you not try it? It solves most fetch problems since I would maybe
> think most people think in terms of fetching unread posts and not
> threads (since a thread is a collection of read and unread posts/mails).
I tried, but I did not know what was the precise effect of such a
For me, I only speak about *threads* (and not specifically unread posts).
>>> But the question is rather (as I understand it): is it possible to
>>> make gnus _always_ fetch 2000 articles at most whatever the number of
>>> article avalaible on the server side? That is if there're 100 articles
>>> then fetch 100 articles, but if there're 4034 articles then just fetch
>>> the 2000 last ones.
>> For sure. That is my question.
> Its one press of enter isn't it after the large group prompt?
> If that really is so inconvenient you can "C-u 3000 RET" to enter the
> group and fetch the last 3000.
> I like the current way : its kind of based around "what you need to
> read" as opposed to fetching read stuff. Navigation to older posts in
> threads is easy and AT fetches the entire thread if and when you need
> it.
But I do not want to fetch too much threads.
>>> What I'm looking for is a way to teach gnus to always fetch a fixed
>>> number of articles for a specific group without prompting. That could
> I am wondering what the value of having a "fixed number" is : it would
> be a mixture of read and unread in most cases based on date of
> submission. I'm not sure I see the value of this, but I'm probably too
> used to "how it is" :-;
By such a fixed number, I would mean a fraction of all the threads
Gnus would fetch, if after the prompt, RET was pressed without
specifying any value.
- -- 
Merciadri Luca
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