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Re: My signature and its (missing) space

From: Merciadri Luca
Subject: Re: My signature and its (missing) space
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 14:35:29 +0200
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Richard Riley <> writes:

> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>> Richard Riley <> writes:
>>> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>>>> Okay. I tried these settings, but I encounter a problem: neither
>>>> auth-sources nor epa-file are found. Can I download them somewhere? If
>>>> so, under which name?
>>> google emacs epg download.
>> Nice. Just a question: will moving to EasyPG erases Mailcrypt? I need
>> to be able to sign every mail (to some given persons), for various
>> purposes, and I am frightened about the idea of seeing EasyPG not
>> working on my config.
> What is important or non portable about your config? I dont see any
> mailcrypt specific there or nothing not easily ported.
>>> Maybe consider moving to emacs 23 too? I hadn't realised you were on 22,
>>> but I used epa/epg (what is its name?) with that too.
>> Why? If you have a stable configuration, and that the upgrades does
>> not worth it, why changing? You know what you have, but not what you
>> may have.
> Err .. this thread has been going on a while now :-)  But fine, the link
> is above and the rest is just tinkering I hope for you.
Hope so too. I do not have a lot of time, and it will thus have to wait.
> FWIW, Emacs 23 is nice. Why not move to it?
I believe it. I looked a bit at it, and it seems nice.
> What in your config is so
> specifically Emacs 22?
I am using here a homemade Debian for my netbook. Any new app flavour
can result in many problems, and I thus like to minimize as much as
possible any modification.
> Why not try? I'm sure any feedback would be
> appreciated too!
Which one are you using? And the others?

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Merciadri Luca
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