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Re: Cannot start a link from within a newsfeed anymore

From: Hermann
Subject: Re: Cannot start a link from within a newsfeed anymore
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 10:15:29 +0200
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On 25.09.2009 at 02:19:57 Katsumi Yamaoka <> wrote:

>>>>>> Hermann wrote:
>> since upgrade to Emacs 23.x I get difficaulties in using the internal w3m
>> as HTML/feed viewer.
>> Not only that there appear character encoding conflicts for German -
>> umlauts are not shown correctly
> What is url for the feeds?
For example:
Note: It does not appear in all articles, that's the strange thing.

>> - but I cannot open external links from within feeds/blogs.
>> At the end of a blog/feed entry, you see the word "link", and if I click
>> on this word, i get the message:
>> "This link is to be considdered unsafe; use the prefix arg to open it
>> anyway."
>> What does this mean, and how can I fix this issue?
>> Hermann
> Please see the thread that has been archived at:
Thank you, I'll copy the patch; but that C-U <Ret> work around is also
I will use it only in feeds I know and access also with other apps
(Snownews and Newsbeuter in Linux and Firefox and Thunderbird in
Windows) without any trouble.

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