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Re: Fetching mail from a pop3 account

From: Wolfgang Pausch
Subject: Re: Fetching mail from a pop3 account
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 08:30:48 +0200


> > (setq mail-sources
> >       '((pop :server "" :username "foo" :password "bar" :program
> "~/.config/getmail/")))
> [...]
> > In fact the script contains everything necessary for
> > fetching mail, so I don't need to give username, password etc. to
> > gnus, but I added these options nevertheless for the case that there
> > might somewhere a check wether they are supplied.
> Dunno if it's relevant, but the manual says that you need to specify
> "%t":

Thanks, you are right, I missed this sentence.  Unfortunately, even after 
specifying %t (and %u %p %s as well), it doesn't work.

But my assumptions about what should happen when I hit g are correct?  Would 
you also expect that something related to fetching mail is written to the 
*Messages* buffer?


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