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Re: gnus-refer-article-method - per group

From: Andrzej Adam Filip
Subject: Re: gnus-refer-article-method - per group
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 09:48:31 +0200

Katsumi Yamaoka <> wrote:
>>>>>> Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
>> Is it possible to make  gnus-refer-article-method group dependent?
>> How to do it?
>> Specifics:
>> I can access very good 'archive news server' of *only* 'news:pl.*'.
> This may work, though I'm not sure:
> (add-to-list
>  'gnus-parameters
>  '("\\`pl\\."
>    (gnus-refer-article-method '(nntp "news"))))
> Where "\\`pl\\." is a regular expression matching groups of which
> the names begin with "pl." .  If the names begin with "news:pl."; ,
> replace it with "\\`news:pl\\."; .  And '(nntp "news") is a select
> method, that is similar to the one used for `gnus-select-method'.
> So for you it may be something like the following:
> (add-to-list
>  'gnus-parameters
>  '("\\`nntp\\+SERVER:pl\\."
>    (gnus-refer-article-method
>     '(nntp "SERVER"
>          (nntp-address "")
>          (nntp-open-connection-function nntp-open-network-stream)))))
> Don't forget to quote the method with the beginning "'" (because
> the method form will be evaluated).
> Why I'm not sure is that I have no belief the `refer-article'
> command runs always in the summary buffer, that's the only place
> in which `gnus-refer-article-method' has a per group value.

The above suggestion line seems to work (after initial tests).
Thank you.

[pl>en Andrew] Andrzej Adam Filip : :
I always say beauty is only sin deep.
  -- Saki, "Reginald's Choir Treat"

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