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Re: imap server not reopened after timeout

From: Dan Christensen
Subject: Re: imap server not reopened after timeout
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 16:06:54 -0400
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Ted Zlatanov <> writes:

> Can you try it without TLS?

The very frequent dropped connections don't happen if I don't use TLS.
To summarize:

- they happen with TLS to port 143
- they don't happen with a plain connection to port 143
- they don't happen with a TLS connection to port 11143
- they don't happen if I connect using
    ssh dovecot --exec-mail imap

Very strange.

> Also you can try sending periodic NOOPs (with `imap-ping-server' and
> timers maybe?) and see if that keeps the connection alive.

The main connection problems I have aren't due to an idle connection.
They happen whether the connection is under heavy use.  I can trigger
the drop 100% of the time by copying 20 or 30 messages from a local
folder to a remote imap folder.

At least I now have several workarounds.  The last one, using ssh, seems
to also be quite fast to connect, so I'll probably stick with it.

Thanks for the help,


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