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Re: ``Quips'' in signatures

From: Giacomo Boffi
Subject: Re: ``Quips'' in signatures
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 17:05:38 +0200
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Merciadri Luca <> writes:

> Hello,
> I have seen that many of the users of this Usenet group always use
> citations at the end of their mail (esp. in their signature).

the kley is the variable message-signature 

it must be either nil or a string or a function that returns a string

if message-signature is non nil, message inserts it (what it returns),
after "-- \n", at the end of your message

so put, in your ~/.gnus file

(setq message-signature 'my-signature)

where my-signature can be setq'ed to a string or defun'ed to a

for example, let's say that in some groups you'like to say something
"ad hoc", but in general you want to have a random quote from your
small database

------------- ~/.signature
quote 2
 q2 is multiline!
quote 3

so you define

(defun my-signature ()
      (cond ((string-match "it.hobby.cucina" gnus-newsgroup-name) "io snobbo 
            (t (with-temp-buffer
                 (insert-file-contents-literally (expand-file-name 
                 (let* ((lista (split-string (buffer-string (current-buffer)) 
                   (elt lista (random (length lista))))))))

Vorrei andare a lavorare in Sicilia, a max 15 km dal mare. Con chi 
devo parlare? Col capomafia distrettuale? Oppure bisogna sporcarsi le 
mani e fare la tessera di FI?                      -- Marvin,  in IFQ

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