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Re: Multiple Message Forwarding/Attaching

From: Nicolas KOWALSKI
Subject: Re: Multiple Message Forwarding/Attaching
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 08:30:36 +0100

Tassilo Horn <> writes:

> Nicolas KOWALSKI <> writes:
>> This works when the mails to be attached are in the same group.  How
>> do you attach mails that are stored in different groups ?
> Very good question, and I don't know how to do that in a good way.  I
> see two workarounds:
>   a) Open a sticky article buffer for each message you want to forward,
>      and then use `mml-attach-buffer' (C-c RET b).  But I don't know if
>      that works if the messages contain attachments and stuff...

Thanks for the idea, but how to open a "sticky" article buffer?

>   b) Search for the messages you need to forward using your favorite
>      search interface, e.g. nnir, so that they are all in one summary
>      buffer.  Of course, that's not always possible...

I do not use a search interface, so that's not possible.


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