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Faster smarter

From: andrea
Subject: Faster smarter
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 13:59:46 +0100
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I have some questions to be able to finally drop the stupid web

My whole gnus configuration is here:

1. Faster creation of buffer
   In newsgroup with 10k headers it takes really long time, so how could
   I limit the fetching?
   Is the fetching of articles only up to the agent or the agent?
   It would be nice to fetch only last 1k or last 2 months headers, but
   also be able to fetch them all if I need to look for something.

   Otherwise I could just cache them all and the subsequent connections
   would only fetch the last ones, what is the best way?

2. Hide/show function
   Something like org-mode cycle-visibility bound to [TAB] is very
   useful, would that be possible?
   I started to write something (BTW what was the way to cut and paste
   code with ---<---..?)
(defun hide-or-show ()
  "hide or show thread depending on the status"
;  (gnus-summary-show-thread)

  But I didn't find any variable to see if the current thread is being
  shown or not.
  Without something like that I think I can't decide if we must show or

Thanks a lot

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