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Re: .agentview and .overview

From: harven
Subject: Re: .agentview and .overview
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 15:49:58 +0100
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Cecil Westerhof <> writes:

> In several groups there where articles that when I wanted to open I got
> the message that they were deleted. There was no way I could update the
> group to have them not displayed. After some searching I found that
> those articles had an entry in .overview without that there was a
> corresponding article on my IMAPS server. The way I solved it, was by
> deleting those lines in .overview. I have several questions about this:
> - What could the reason be that this happened?
> - What would be the correct way to delete those lines? (Deleting by hand
>   could be error prone.)
> - Where can I find information about .agentview and .overview?

This is due to the agent. Several people mentionned this bug 
in this newsgroup. Deleting entries in .overview probably won't solve
the problem (it didn't for me).

Try to set gnus-agent to nil for your mail groups in your init file, e.g.

(setq gnus-parameters
    (gnus-agent nil))))

or go to the *server* buffer (^ in the group buffer) and disable the agent
by typing J r in front of the mail groups.

Since this bug affects several people, please report it (M-x gnus-bug).
The reason is unclear apparently. Did you try to connect
with a different mailer or from a different ISP to your account ?

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