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Re: gnus-summary-mark-as-expirable

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: gnus-summary-mark-as-expirable
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 16:40:31 +0100
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Cecil Westerhof <> writes:

Hi Cecil,

> At the moment I use 'E' (gnus-summary-mark-as-expirable) to expire an
> article. I understood that after a certain number of days articles that
> are set to expire will be deleted. But I can not find anything about
> this. Does anyone has some pointers for me?

Have a look at:

,----[ (info "(gnus)Expiring Mail") ]
|    You do not have to mark articles as expirable by hand.  Gnus provides
| two features, called "auto-expire" and "total-expire", that can help you
| with this.  In a nutshell, "auto-expire" means that Gnus hits `E' for
| you when you select an article.  And "total-expire" means that Gnus
| considers all articles as expirable that are read.  So, in addition to
| the articles marked `E', also the articles marked `r', `R', `O', `K',
| `Y' and so on are considered expirable.

and this for IMAP:

,----[ (info "(gnus)Expiring in IMAP") ]
| Even though `nnimap' is not a proper `nnmail' derived back end, it
| supports most features in regular expiring (*note Expiring Mail::).
| Unlike splitting in IMAP (*note Splitting in IMAP::) it does not clone
| the `nnmail' variables (i.e., creating NNIMAP-EXPIRY-WAIT) but reuse
| the `nnmail' variables.  What follows below are the variables used by
| the `nnimap' expiry process.


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