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Re: .agentview and .overview

From: Cecil Westerhof
Subject: Re: .agentview and .overview
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 16:05:35 +0100
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Tassilo Horn <> writes:

>>> You use the Gnus agent for that server.
>> I do not really understand what that means, but that is something I
>> can find out later. ;-}
> The agent is sort of a cache, so that you have to download articles only
> once.  In general, you always want that for newsgroups.  But for mail
> groups, it's a different story.  When you delete a message (possibly
> with another mail client, e.g. the web interface of your mail provider),
> the agent doesn't recognize that and you end up with strange results
> like duplicate messages and stuff like you mentioned.

Okay, that makes everything clear. I would prefer to work with agent
then. Because that is faster and also handy when I get offline. But as
long as I do not everything with GNUS I'll keep it disabled.
On the other hand: why can GNUS not clean it up?

>> One strange thing, the IMAPS server was mentioned two times. I do not
>> go often to the server buffer, but I have seen that more often. Not
>> always by the way. What could be happening there and is that something
>> to worry about?
> Yes, that looks awkward.  The only possibility I can imagine is that in
> your .gnus.el there are multiple definitions of that server.

Properly not, because when I start GNUS it is not the case.

> Or maybe there's only one definition which contains a dynamically
> generated part, so that multiple calls to add-to-list (starting/quitting
> gnus multiple times) lead to multple entries that are slightly
> different.

That would be more logical. I'll try to find it.
Thanks for the help.

>> At the moment I am using Gnus v5.11.
>> Also a strange thing. After disabling the agent for my IMAPS server,
>> the news server -for which I changed nothing- said for all messages
>> that they had to be downloaded.  Which was impossible to do. The only
>> solution I found was quiting GNUS and starting it again.
> Hm, I'd suggest to upgrade to emacs 23.1 and use the Gnus version
> bundled with it.  Maybe that doesn't give those weird results.

I was planning to update my system and then this would automatically
take place.

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer

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