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Re: problem viewing zombie (new) groups

From: bobfry
Subject: Re: problem viewing zombie (new) groups
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 14:59:08 -0800
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Les Harris <> writes:

> writes:
>> I want to view all the groups available from my nntp server. In the
>> groups buffer I type A z, but it says no zombie groups.  I try A k and
>> it just brings up two starter groups I killed.  How can I get a list of
>> the entire nntp selection: the several hundred or maybe thousand groups
>> available? 
> I use (gnus-group-enter-server-mode) which is bound to ^ by default.  It
> brings up a buffer with a list of all the servers you have configured
> gnus to care about.  Hitting 'enter' on a server in that list will bring
> up the full list of all groups on that particular server.

Great!  It worked, I got a long list.  How can I save it so gnus always
has it available?  I don't mean in a simple text file, but save it in
some format or place so gnus doesn't have to download it
within gnus, when I want to add a new group, it can reference the
list. It might be some time out-of-date, but that's ok.


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