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About gnus cache files

From: Water Lin
Subject: About gnus cache files
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 11:05:52 +0800
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I am using Gnus and it is really good for newsgroup and mailing list
reading. But I am still confused of the files and folders created by
Gnus under my ~/Mail folder.

There is a folder named "bogus" in my ~/Mail. What's the function of
this folder?

I think I forget to use a ("other" "") pattern in my variable
nnmail-split-methods. I think it is the reason why "bogus" folder
exists. So can I read the mails under "bogus" again?

The second question is that what is the meaning of files named like
"Incoming2309OYv" under ~/Mail . I have about 40 files whose name is
like IncomingXXXXXX.

I want to understand these meanings so I can back my Gnus files to
another machine.


Water Lin

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