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Re: imap-Problem

From: Christoph Herzog
Subject: Re: imap-Problem
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 21:31:55 +0100
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Ok, forget about it. I have investigated my problem further and reached the conclusion that it's probably a bug in either Gnus or the IMail server 10.2. Unfortunately, I can't solve it in either case and it's obviously of no interest here. Fortunately Mew works with this server out of the box. So for the time being I'll use Mew.
Kind regards

Christoph Herzog wrote:
I'm new to gnus so please bear with me if this turns out to be a trivial issue and I'm missing something obvious. Using gnus 5.13 with Emacs 23.1 on linux I fail to fetch my imap messages from the mail server. It shows me the new mails in my INBOX correctly but when I try to look at them it says: "Group INBOX contains no messages". Also it does not show me my subgroups of INBOX of which I have a few when I try to subscribe with "U".

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