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Re: IMAP server keeps forgetting the expiry marks

From: Mario S. Mommer
Subject: Re: IMAP server keeps forgetting the expiry marks
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 09:36:14 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.1 (gnu/linux)

Hello, (Mario S. Mommer) writes:
> I'm using gnus 5.13 on emacs 23. Somehow one of the IMAP servers
> 'forgets' the expiry marks. I set them, and a few hours later they are
> unset, and the mail appears only as read.
> If I mark an article expireable, and exit gnus and start it again, the
> mark is still there. It takes a few hours befor it gets unset.

This only happens to the INBOX folder, all other folders keep their
marks just fine. Since on the server the INBOX folder is the only one
that is not stored somewhere in my home dir, I am guessing that there
are some subtle locking/permissions issues in dovecot.

A possible and very effective workarround is to have a default filter
rule that moves all email away from INBOX into another folder. Like

(setq nnimap-split-inbox "INBOX"
      '(("myaccount" ("INBOX" (("mailbox" ""))))))

Regards, and thanks,


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