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problem with a nnmail-split-fancy

From: Berthold Hoellmann
Subject: problem with a nnmail-split-fancy
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 14:33:48 +0100
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I do have a problem with a spliiting rule for "nnmail-split-fancy".

I want mails with subject "Deleted: (SLD-56) ..." moved to the folder
"issue.SLD-56". I use the rule:

   "Deleted: (\\([[:upper:]]\\{3\\}-[[:digit:]]+\\)).*" 

The rule almost works, but the folder used is "issue.sld-56" instead of
"issue.SLD-56". Is there a way of fixing this?

Berthold Höllmann
                            __   Address:
                         G /  \ L Germanischer Lloyd
phone: +49-40-36149-7374 -+----+- Vorsetzen 35       P.O.Box 111606
fax  : +49-40-36149-7320   \__/   D-20459 Hamburg    D-20416 Hamburg

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