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Re: IMAP server keeps forgetting the expiry marks

From: Dan Christensen
Subject: Re: IMAP server keeps forgetting the expiry marks
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 12:54:13 -0500
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Ted Zlatanov <> writes:

> Can you check if the same thing happens if you mark a message expirable
> in the INBOX (you have to disable any Trash rules) with Thunderbird or
> some other IMAP client, then come back later?

Do any other IMAP clients have the concept of "expirable"?  I thought
most of them just moved the message to the Trash folder, which is either
emptied manually or automatically.  But this doesn't involve any message
flags.  In contrast, Gnus uses the imap flag "gnus-expire" to mark
messages as expirable.


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