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Re: can nnmail-split-methods do both linking and moving?

From: subopt
Subject: Re: can nnmail-split-methods do both linking and moving?
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 08:28:11 -0800 (PST)
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>> I'd like for my nnmail-split-methods to link certain matches to other
>> groups, and move other matches. Is this possible, or do i need to use
>> the fancy splitting approach?
>> Can someone give me a short example of how to do this, or point me to
>> one?

>What do you mean by "link"?  Do you mean articles that belong to the
>same thread?  If so, you can use the Gnus registry to split followups by
>reference or by subject into the same group.

By 'link' i'm referring to Section 6.3 of (my copy of) the manual,
where it
talks about normal (non-fancy) splitting:

    nnmh and nnml makes crossposts by creating hard links to the
    articles. However, not all file systems support hard links. If
that's the
    case for you, set nnmailcrosspost-link-function to copy-file.
    variable is add-name-to-file by default.)

And i'm not talking about threads at all, just the splitting of
incoming mail. I believe
these links actually default to symbolic links, not hard links, on
most unix/linux
systems these days, but some kind of link in any case.

So, i'm fine with many things being linked/crossposted by my
nnmail-split-methods, but i'd like some things to simply be moved
instead of
linked, leaving no link behind in my nnml:misc. Is this possible? If
so, how
do i go about it?

thanks in advance,

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