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Archiving maildirs behind Gnus back

From: Desmond Rivet
Subject: Archiving maildirs behind Gnus back
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 16:45:18 -0500
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Hi all,

I would like to periodically expire some of my maildir-based emails to
dated "archives" i.e. groups with dated names.

I can certainly do this within Gnus, but one of my goals is to have the
expiry process work with any email client.  I would like to be able to
switch to, say, mutt, at the drop of a hat, and to still have my emails
nicely archived.

So the basic idea is to run some kind of script via cronjob.  Before I
go ahead with this scheme, I have some concerns.  Will this break Gnus
handling of my maildirs?  Can I simply move the emails around, or are
things not so simple where Gnus is concerned?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that moving maildir'ed emails outside
the context of Gnus made it unhappy, but I am unfortunately not able to
find any references to this effect.

Any thoughts?

Desmond Rivet

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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