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Re: rss shimbuns

From: Nigel Beck
Subject: Re: rss shimbuns
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 12:23:21 -0500
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Thanks for the comments

David Engster <> writes:

> Nigel Beck <> writes:
>> I've been experimenting with the generic shimbun reader for rss and have
>> it mostly working, but a few things puzzle me:
>> 1) Changing shimbun-rss-blogs-group-url-regexp requires a complete emacs
>> shutdown and restart to be recognized.  Even a gnus restart within emacs
>> doesn't work.  This seems like a bit of an onerous requirement to add a
>> new blog
> I agree. This is due to shimbun-rss-blogs-groups being defvar'ed. Adding
> (luna-define-method shimbun-groups ((shimbun shimbun-rss-blogs))
>   (mapcar 'car shimbun-rss-blogs-group-url-regexp))
> to sb-rss-blogs.el (after the 'defvar' of shimbun-rss-blogs-groups)
> should fix this. Please let me know if this works for you.

Yes that seems to fix it.

>> 2) Similar to #1 - if a name has ever been used - eg "Nigels Blog" - it
>> seems to "stick" even after total reset and can never be used again.
>> This means that if I give the wrong url (typo, stupidity, whatever) for
>> a blog, I need to rename it the next time.
> I'm guessing you only tried to 'kill' the group? The verb is misleading
> here; in Gnus, 'killing' only means 'unsubscribing'. You can actually
> *delete* a group from the shimbun server by using 'C-u G DEL' on the
> group. Alternatively, you can delete the remaining overview/marks files
> manually in ~/News/shimbun/rss-blogs/FEEDNAME and restart Gnus.

Yes indeed. Thanks for the pointer.

>> 3) How *does* one deal with atom feeds?  I've seen the stuff here
>> for converting an atom feed to
>> rss, but I'm not clear on how/whether that plays nicely with the
>> nnshimbun rss-blogs facility. 
> The shimbun library uses w3m instead of mm-url for retrieving the feeds,
> so this approach will not work. 
> If you have atom feeds with fully published content, you can use the
> atom-hash shimbun. For atom feeds without full content, I think
> implementing a atom-blogs shimbun based on the rss-blogs code should be
> straightforward. I'll eventually do that, but I'm currently pretty busy.

I'll play with atom-hash and also see if I can figure out how the rss-blogs
code could become atom-blogs code.  Probably its "obvious" but I've been
looking around for atom-hash usage examples and didn't come across any.
If anyone has one before I hack through it, it would be appreciated!

> -David

Nigel Beck

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