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Re: rss shimbuns

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: rss shimbuns
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 16:49:34 +0100
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Nigel Beck <> writes:
> David Engster <> writes:
>> I agree. This is due to shimbun-rss-blogs-groups being defvar'ed. Adding
>> (luna-define-method shimbun-groups ((shimbun shimbun-rss-blogs))
>>   (mapcar 'car shimbun-rss-blogs-group-url-regexp))
>> to sb-rss-blogs.el (after the 'defvar' of shimbun-rss-blogs-groups)
>> should fix this. Please let me know if this works for you.
> Yes that seems to fix it.

OK, I'll see that this makes it into CVS. I guess this would also be
useful for rss-hash and atom-hash.

> I'll play with atom-hash and also see if I can figure out how the rss-blogs
> code could become atom-blogs code.  Probably its "obvious" but I've been
> looking around for atom-hash usage examples and didn't come across
> any.

Well, using atom-hash is as simple as putting

(setq shimbun-atom-hash-group-path-alist
      '(("PlanetEmacsen" ""; t)
        ("Stackoverflow: Emacs" ""; t)))
in your .gnus and restarting Emacs. After that, you can subscribe to
those two groups by choosing the atom-hash shimbun. Since Planet Emacsen
and Stackoverflow publish the full content in their feed, atom-hash can
be used here.

For creating an atom-blogs shimbun for feeds without fully published
content, you would start with sb-rss-blogs and derive the main class
from shimbun-atom instead of shimbun-rss. However, the main task is to
get familiar with luna, which is an object system for Emacs Lisp and
used throughout the shimbun library.


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