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Re: Hiding long headers

From: Samuel Sinayoko
Subject: Re: Hiding long headers
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 11:09:56 +0100
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Memnon Anon <> writes:

> Samuel Sinayoko <> writes:
>> Dear list,
>> I'm a new user of Gnus. I'm getting more comfortable with it but am
>> having problems hiding long headers. After looking at the manual I've
>> added this to my .gnus file:
>> (setq gnus-treat-hide-boring-headers 'head)
>> (setq gnus-boring-article-headers '(empty followup-to reply-to long-to))
>> However it had no effect. I also realised that I am not able to hide
>> headers at all (W W h). I have checked that
>> gnus-show-all-headers's value is nil
>> Has anyone had the same problem? Thanks for your help!
>> Sam
> Not sure it helps you, but here are my settings:
> ;; Pretty self-explanatory
> (setq gnus-visible-headers "^From:\\|^Newsgroups:\\|^Subject:\\|^Date:\\
> |^Followup-To:\\|^Reply-To:\\|^Summary:\\|^Keywords:\\|^To:\\|^[BGF]?Cc:\\
> |^Posted-To:\\|^Mail-Copies-To:\\|^Mail-Followup-To:\\|^Apparently-To:\\
> |^Gnus-Warning:\\|^Resent-From:\\|^X-Sent:\\|^User-Agent:\\|^X-Mailer:\\
> |^X-Newsreader:")
> (setq gnus-sorted-header-list '("^From:" "^Subject:" "^Summary:"
> "^Keywords:" "^Newsgroups:" "^Followup-To:" "^To:" "^Cc:" "^Date:"
> "^User-Agent:" "^X-Mailer:" "^X-Newsreader:"))
> So, I only see those headers interesting to me. If I ever need to know
> the rest, "t" toggles display of all headers.
> hth memnon

Hi guys, 

Thanks a lot, that was helpful. I'm now able to hide the Cc list by
default, so I don't see the horribly long Cc lists. 

However, I'd still love to show the Cc list with only the first few
recipients though, which I think is what 
   (setq gnus-boring-article-headers '(long-to))
is supposed to do. This still doesn't work though.

Is anyone else using gnus-boring-article-headers?

I forgot to say but I'm using Gnus v5.13 and GNU Emacs



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