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Re: Remembering read mail

From: Frank Schmitt
Subject: Re: Remembering read mail
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:35:13 +0200
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> One thing stopping me is the article summary list. I'm finding it very
> confusing to look at, largely because the "read" status of messages is
> not remembered between Gnus invocations. Every time I open the group all
> the messages are unmarked. As I read them they turn bright blue-green
> and get a "R" in the margin. Next time I open the group they're all
> unmarked again.

That shouldn't happen. Normally, the next time you enter the group, all
previously read message should be hidden and the information, that they
have been read remembered.

Could it be, that you exit Gnus by just closing the Emacs window instead
of shutting down Gnus with the 'q'-Key in summary buffer? In this case
it might happen, that Gnus doesn't write to disk and loses all information...

Have you ever considered how much text can fit in eighty columns?  Given that a
signature typically contains up to four lines of text, this space allows you to
attach a tremendous amount of valuable information to your messages.  Seize the
opportunity and don't waste your signature on bullshit that nobody cares about.

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