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Re: nnmail-split-fancy and archiving

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: nnmail-split-fancy and archiving
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 11:26:15 +0800
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> Okay, two more questions and then I think I'm sorted.
> 1. I don't seem to be able to match on square brackets within
> nnmail-split-fancy. Some mailing lists come with their titles in
> brackets before the subject, and I can't get it to match no matter what.
> In the *scratch* buffer, re-search-forward likes "\\[Dog Food\\]", but
> I've tried the following inside nnmail-split-fancy and none of them
> work:
> ("Subject" "\\[Dog Food\\]"
> ("Subject" "[Dog Food]"
> ("Subject" "\[Dog Food\]"
> ("Subject" "\\[Dog Food]"
> Changing it to "Dog Food" works fine (so I know the brackets are the
> issue), but "dog" and "food" are common words, and I don't want false
> positives. Could it be a word boundary issue? I've tried \\[Dog
> Food\\].*…

It was a word boundary issue, and using the invert-partial flag, ie
("Subject" "\\[Dog Food\\]" … t), did the trick.

Still having the below problem, however. It seems to behave a little
differently every time I restart gnus, sometimes telling me "invalid
group" when I try to enter nnml+archive:Sent, and creating new Sent
groups in my regular nnml server, sometimes working as expected.

> 2. I've set gnus-message-archive-method to '(nnml "archive", plus some
> nnml-specific variables. The default nnfolder was fine, except that it
> kept the messages in mbox format, and since I have several thousand sent
> messages the mbox file was 800+ MB, and sending a single mail dragged my
> entire computer down for 30 seconds to a minute. So, nnml. But there
> must be something I'm still not understanding about servers/select
> methods.
> With the above setup, two entries for nnml:archive appear in the
> *server* buffer. I *have* to set gnus-update-message-archive-method to
> t, or else each nnml:archive server contains killed listings for all my
> groups *except* the Sent group, and I can't access my archived sent
> messages. With that variable set to t, the two nnml:archive entries each
> contain identical Sent groups in them. They are both the "real" Sent
> group, as they both update when I send messages.
> I'm hoping it will be clear to some old gnus hand what I've done wrong
> here. Part of it has to do with changing my setup several times as I was
> experimenting: right now the word "Sent" appears nowhere in my gnus.el
> file, yet that's what my archive group is called, and I think that's a
> holdover from a previous experimentation. I'd sure like to get a clean
> slate, and understand what is going on with the "servers".
> Thanks again for all the help. Despite the initial confusions, gnus is
> the first mail/news setup I've really felt at home in…
> E

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