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Re: mail list alive? gatewayed?

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: mail list alive? gatewayed?
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 11:15:33 +0900
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Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.gnus (posted to

Allan Gottlieb wrote:
> I sent a msg to this mailing list ( on the
> 12th.
> Reiner Steib replied to the newsgroup gnu.emacs.gnus with a CC to me.
> I received the CC but not the msg posted to the newsgroup.

> I had thought that the newsgroup and mailing list had bidirectional
> forwarding.  Is this belief correct and, if so, any idea why reiner's
> msg to the newsgroup has not appeared on the mailing list?
> I also checked
> and the latest msgs are from the 12th.

I don't know why but there seem to be at least two kinds of news
servers as for the gnu.emacs.gnus newsgroup; [1]one allows nntp
posting but doesn't forward articles to the list, [2]the other
doesn't allow nntp posting but forwards articles posted to the
list to the newsgroup.  Some of [2] may moderate nntp-posted
articles, i.e. forward articles to the list.  For example:


Both are open to people for free but both don't forward nntp-
posted articles to the list. :-<  I guess this problem is due to
some newsservers that took it for granted that the group is
moderated.  As for [2] the nntp command `list newsgroups' returns:

gnu.emacs.gnus  News reading under GNU Emacs using GNUS (in English). 
(There's no entry for gnu.emacs.gnus in [1].)

Whereas says in

gnu.emacs.gnus          News reading under GNU Emacs using GNUS (in English).

A possible workaround may be the one like this article. ;-)

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