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Re: nnmail split multi-byte bug or feature?

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: nnmail split multi-byte bug or feature?
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 10:09:28 +0900
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Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.gnus

stormwatch wrote:
> On Jul 27, 9:04 pm, Katsumi Yamaoka <> wrote:
>> What is the mail back end you use?  As for the most recent Gnus:
> I use nnml and gnus included in an up-to-date emacs built from bzr.

Hmm, for the most recent Gnus there should be nothing you have
to do as you are in the utf-8 locale.

> Variables that might have to do with this problem:

> gnus-group-name-charset-method-alist is a variable defined in `gnus-
> group.el'.
> Its value is nil


> gnus-group-name-charset-group-alist is a variable defined in `gnus-
> group.el'.
> Its value is ((".*" . utf-8))


> nnmail-pathname-coding-system is a variable defined in `nnmail.el'.
> Its value is nil

It should be ok, but I had set it to utf-8.  I don't recall why
I did it.  But I verified now that nil is ok for non-ASCII group

> file-name-coding-system is a variable defined in `C source code'.
> Its value is nil


> default-file-name-coding-system is a variable defined in `C source
> code'.
> Its value is utf-8-unix


> and also, this info node seems relevant:
> 2.17 Accessing groups of non-English names
> ==========================================
> ...
>    Note that when you copy or move articles from a non-ASCII group to
> another group, the charset used to encode and decode group names
> should
> be the same in both groups.  Otherwise the Newsgroups header will be
> displayed incorrectly in the article buffer.


> Perhaps the problem arised because I respooled the messages. ¿Would
> you be so kind as to try the same and see if you can reproduce the bug/
> feature?

No problem here.  What I did was:

1. Move articles in
   nnml:mail.utn.campusvirtual.ingeniería y sociedad
   to nnml:tmp .
2. `C-u G DEL' to delete
   nnml:mail.utn.campusvirtual.ingeniería y sociedad .
3. `B r' in nnml:tmp to respool the mails that have the header:
   X-Course-Name: ingeniería y sociedad
4. Confirm "nnml:mail.utn.campusvirtual.ingeniería y sociedad" is
   created and mails are spooled there.

> I, otoh, will try to remove everything and create a shiny
> brand-new fake-with-the-fingers-crossed incoming message.

BTW, I noticed `B nnml RET RET' in the group buffer shows
non-ASCII group names without properly decoding.  It should be
fixed!  How do you find possibly unknown mail groups that
nnmail-split creates?  (Text that X-Course-Name header contains
is unknown, isn't it?)

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