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Re: Banner Washing

From: Glyn Millington
Subject: Re: Banner Washing
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2010 18:15:17 +0100
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"Gary" <> writes:

> Alberto Luaces wrote:
>> "Gary" writes:
>>> Is there some way of specifying "from this point on until the end
>>> of
>> the
>>> article"? I don't want to have to specify every single line of the
>>> entire block I want to remove.
>> Are you looking for `message-kill-to-signature' (C-c C-z) while
>> composing the reply in message mode?
> I don't think so. What I am interested in is

Well to set up that example as an alist you would do something like this in
your .gnus file.  I guess the fine art in this is to construct a regular
expression which will catch the banners you are tryng to kill off.

(set gnus-article-address-banner-alist

;; Alist of mail addresses and banners.  Each element has the
;; form (ADDRESS . BANNER), where ADDRESS is a regexp to match a
;; mail address in the From: header, BANNER is one of a symbol
;; `signature', an item in `gnus-article-banner-alist', a regexp and
;; nil.  If ADDRESS matches author's mail address, it will remove
;; things like advertisements.  For example:

    ; Yahoo - This regular expression should be reasonably stable, and
    ;         reasonably safe.
    '(("@yahoo\\.com" . "^__________________+\nDo you Yahoo!\\?\n.*\n.*\n")

    ; Hotmail - Not very much can be matched, so this could be dangerous.
    ;           Should be reasonably stable though.
    ;           The other option is to use a much less stable value, and
    ;           update it frequently.
    ("@hotmail\\.com\\|" . 

    ; Netscape - Very unstable value, not much else can be done though.
    ;            Unless a more stable value can be found, it seems the
    ;            best way to maintain this is to OR updated regexps with
    ;            this value.
    ("@netscape\\.net" . 
 Network.*\n.*\n.*\n\n.*AOL Instant Messenger.*\n.*\n")))



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