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.gnus.el and .emacs

From: Joseph Gay
Subject: .gnus.el and .emacs
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 08:11:50 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.110011 (No Gnus v0.11) Emacs/23.2 (gnu/linux)

Hello all.

First off, I've just started with No Gnus 0.11 and the installation was
rather painless. I'm using nnimap to a remote server; the speed and
search improvements are easily discerned, and move the imap user
experience from acceptable to quite good. Thanks for all of your hard

My question is I hope relatively simple. Privacy concerns aside, is the
only reason to have a .gnus.el to reduce Emacs startup time? I currently
don't have one. All of my Gnus config is in the equivalent of .emacs. I
haven't suffered any for it, though the manual says that .gnus.el is

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