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Re: General advice - incorporating gmail IMAP

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: General advice - incorporating gmail IMAP
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2011 18:08:47 -0600
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Tassilo Horn <> writes:


Tassilo H wrote:
> Well, since you already have some servers, you probably want to add that
> to your `gnus-secondary-select-methods'.

I'm kind of confused about the difference getting to imap that way as
apposed to the Foreign-group method starting with `B'.

Is there any thing better about either, or are they basically the same?

Harry wrote:
>> My aim is a bit more than just receiving mail that way.  I hope to be
>> able to subscribe to various google groups by mail and end up with
>> something sort of similar to nntp access to those groups.

Tassilo responds:
> I do exactly that using my fastmail account.  Therefore, I do
> server-side SIEVE message splitting using the List-Id header, so that
> all messages of a mailing list go into one special group.  That works
> totally great! :-)

Do you know any handy urls that show examples of SIEVE scripting?
The three main links for examples on:

Are all dead links... they really need to update there web page.

Is that an indication of a general sorry state of management there?  I
mean, do you see sloth, inattention and other kinds of baloney all
around, using your mail account? 

I ask because I'm thinking of getting that service... it is quite
cheap and seems to offer quite a lot for the money.  But if it's
mostly a big sorry fake out like a very lot of the stuff that one sees
online, I'd like to know that now...

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