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Re: nnml-generate-nov-databases - What Did It Do?

From: khj
Subject: Re: nnml-generate-nov-databases - What Did It Do?
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 15:17:27 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Sorry about replying to my own earlier posting, but I have received no 
replies/comments on the first of my two problems (quoted below) ...

> [ Ubuntu 10.04;  GNU Emacs 23.1.1;  Gnus v5.13 ]
> ... I -- with some unease -- went ahead and executed it: M-x 
> nnml-generate-nov-databases.
> Well, besides not fixing the target "problem", the last approach seems to 
> have done other than what I expected it to do.  Though things are working OK 
> (sending/receiving mail), Gnus is much slower to start and a new (what 
> appears to be) group shows up in my main buffer called "" with 
> 200,471 articles!  Now ~/M/Archive/to *is* the directory in which I "archive" 
> sent mail.  But I don't understand why "" showed up in the 
> "*Group*" buffer or more importantly, how to now get rid of it ...
> So, I am turning to the experts with questions:
>   (1)  What is that "group"?  
>        Why is it there? 
>        Can I safely get rid of it?
>        If so, how?
Some additional info (I'm counting on your having read the above before 

Here's what the top of my summary buffer looks like (slightly edited):

 Gnus -- 200685  
   [  0   6]   1: advice    
   [ 90 941]  66: gwt  
   [ 67 337]  11: minix3    
   [  0   0] 200471:  
   ... ... ...

Note the last line!  It appears to be a "subgroup" of Archive (there is, of 
course, a `to' subdir under `Archive').

Can I just "gnus-group-delete-group" that "group"?  I certainly do *not* want 
to lose all my archived, outgoing articles/letters.  So, I am proceeding 
cautiously.  ;-)

Ideas?  Thanks for any help/comments that you might provide,


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