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Re: set mime display per group?

From: Damon Haley
Subject: Re: set mime display per group?
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 14:38:45 -0600
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Hi gnus folk,

I finally figured this out.  Essentially the code below resets my
discouraged-alternatives for the fastmail IMAP account, but discourages
html for everything else.

;; Set the default value of mm-discouraged-alternatives.
(eval-after-load "gnus-sum"
      . '("text/html" "image/.*" "text/richtext"))))

;; display `text/html' parts in fastmail groups.
 '("^nnimap\\+fastmail:" (mm-discouraged-alternatives nil)))

It's obviously the same code in the manual for showing nrss groups as
html when text is displayed for everything else.

Does anyone know how I could re-write the above code to only take effect
on gnus topics such as Lars suggested was possible below?

Do I put something like (mm-discouraged-alternatives nil) in the
gnus-topic-edit-parameters buffer?

If topic based display is not possible, how could I re-write the code
above to specify multiple IMAP groups rather than matching my
entire secondary-select IMAP server?

I don't know elisp yet, but I'm slowly trying to pick up some of it over the
next year.



Lars Ingebrigtsen <> writes:

> Damon Haley <> writes:
>> Here are my default MIME settings:
>>        gnus-buttonized-mime-types  '("multipart/signed" 
>> "multipart/alternative")
>>        mm-discouraged-alternatives '("text/html" "text/richtext")
>> Is there a way to scope these settings to just apply to a group or even
>> just one mail server?
> There's a lot of ways.  You could arrange your groups in topics, and add
> these as topic parameters, or you could set them from a suitable group
> entry hook, like `gnus-summary-mode-hook'.


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