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Getting rid of the Fcc: field, and other compose problems.

From: G Philip
Subject: Getting rid of the Fcc: field, and other compose problems.
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 09:55:34 +0000 (UTC)
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I am a new Gnus user. I have set up Gnus to work with Gmail using
offlineimap. Whenever I try to compose a message (or reply to a
message), I get the following problems:

1. The "Fcc:" field is populated with a non-existant directory, and I am
prompted whether I want to create this maildir. Since I don't want to
save a local copy of the sent message (because Gmail SMTP and IMAP will
get it for me anyway), I have to always say "no" before proceeding. This
is a nuisance when it happens every time.

2. The "From:" field is populated by a junk email id, constructed from
my username on the local machine and the local machine's hostname. I
have to edit this field also every time so that it is my proper email

  Since I use a couple of email addresses with my gmail account,
I have tried the following in my .gnus file to get this field to use the
"To:" address of the email to which I am replying:

;; Reply using the same address as to which the original was addressed. 
(setq message-alternative-emails
                (regexp-opt '("" 

;; (setq gnus-posting-styles
       '(((header "to" "")
          (address ""))
         ((header "to" "")
          (address ""))))

But neither of these works.

Could you help me with these?

Thanks and regards,

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