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Re: Marking an article and unmarking it to read

From: Angel de Vicente
Subject: Re: Marking an article and unmarking it to read
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 22:17:34 +0100
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Štěpán Němec <> writes:
>> Certainly to me it looks a bit too much that there are so many marks for
>> marking an article as "read", but the OP asked:
> Are there? AFAIK there is only one such mark: `gnus-read-mark' (the

So far the base for all my Gnus knowledge has been only its
documentation, and section 3.7.2 says:

"All the following marks mark articles as read.", and then goes on to
mention 12 marks, with the following comment: "All these marks just mean
that the article is marked as read, really.  They are interpreted
differently when doing adaptive scoring, though."

Hence my comment about the number of "read" marks.

> `gnus-del-mark' is for, and judging by its name, documentation and
> scoring effects, it means something like "Oh yeah I've read this and it
> really sucks and I never want to see this again"; that's _NOT_ what
> Paulo wants; I suspect it's also not what you and other `d' proponents
> want, but, be my guest(s)).

I will look at the scoring stuff, to see if I make sense of the
difference and understand if I'm missing something that might be useful
for me. Until now my workflow is just:

+ When I read something but I don't want to act upon it later on I just
let Gnus to mark it automatically with 'R'.
+ If I get something that I want to act upon, I tick it with '!'.
+ After I deal with that message I mark it as 'r'.
+ Whenever I need to look for old stuff I search through all the old
mails (with the indexed stuff created with mairix), which resurrects
temporarily all the mails for that search, regardless of the "readness"

This has worked for me until now, but I'm sure I can streamline the
process, so I will look at the scoring stuff again...

Ángel de Vicente

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