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re: gnus opening attachments

From: moabi2000
Subject: re: gnus opening attachments
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 14:01:17 +0100

More info:

Thinking that there might be a gnus bug in the parsing of wildlcards in mailcap files, I specifically associated word and excel files with libreoffice via lines in /etc/mailcap:

application/msword; /usr/bin/libreoffice %s
application/; /usr/bin/libreoffice %s

This led to gnus opening word files in libreoffice just fine.

BUT, excel files were being opened in gnumeric...

I tracked this down to  line 94 of mailcap.el associates gnumeric with files.

      (viewer . "gnumeric %s")
      (test   . (getenv "DISPLAY"))
      (type . "application/"))

Replacing gnumeric with libreoffice and doing make clean && make had me on my way.

So there seem to be significant issues in gnus parsing of mailcap files.

This is a problem, as it means gnus isn't portable across machines (eg some machines have openoffice and some libreoffice etc).

Is this just a bug?

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