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Re: Anyone with working nnimap => gmail

From: Raphael Kubo da Costa
Subject: Re: Anyone with working nnimap => gmail
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 19:42:45 -0200
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Harry Putnam <> writes:

> And I am able to subscribe to certain of the offered mailboxes.  But
> then some do not appears on the list of subscribable groups.  And
> others that do not appears on the gmail interface at all, DO appear on
> gnus interface.  In particular, one named:
>      `34: [Gmail]/All Mail'
> shows on the subscribeable list but is not visible on the actual gmail
> interface.
> Any that I have created thru the gmail interface do not show up as
> subscribeable.  Is it normail to have to add them to the active list
> for nnimap?

You might want to go to "Mail Settings" -> "Labels" in the gmail web
interface and check whether some labels are marked as "Show in IMAP" (I
don't remember if you need to enable a Labs feature for that).

As for '[Gmail]/All Mail', this is the equivalent of the 'All Mail' link
in the web interface.

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