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Update unread MSG count right away

From: Philippe M. Coatmeur
Subject: Update unread MSG count right away
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 11:45:05 +0000
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Hi everyone, and merry Xmas !

When I launch gnus, the group buffer tells me I have, say 10 unread
messages in, say, "inbox" (I's the 1st group in the buffer, because I
read somewhere that you can re-order the groups just by killing (C-w) and
yanking them (C-y) in place, and that is just grand, but back to topic)

If I hit space repetedly, I enter said buffer, and gnus presents me the
1st uread message, and then the next one, and that too is fine and

But when I'm finished reading the 1st unread message, the number in the
group line is still 10 ! It's not until I leave the group that the count
is updated ; How can I say to gnus that I want it to update the unread
count right away, to keep a better track of what I'm doing ?

Philippe M Coatmeur

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