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"[Gmail]" folder?

From: George McNinch
Subject: "[Gmail]" folder?
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:28:26 -0500
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Hi --

I'm using gnus-via-git...

For a while (maybe forever?), I see groups like

       *: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail] 
       *: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]

in my gnus group listing.

(These exist in addition to the "correct" entries:

*        0: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/Sent Mail
         3: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/All Mail 
*        0: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/Important
         0: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/Spam
*        0: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/Starred
*        0: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/Trash
         0: nnimap+personal:[Gmail]/Drafts
        11: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/Sent Mail
        10: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/Important
        25: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/All Mail
         8: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/Spam 
*        0: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/Starred
         0: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/Drafts
         0: nnimap+gmail-tufts:[Gmail]/Trash

Doing "S k" (gnus-group-kill-group) on the "empty" (?) [Gmail] groups
removes them until the next time gnus is started; they persistently

Well, this doesn't seem to cause any real harm and it only adds
incrementally to my group buffer clutter, but still it seems wrong and
my attempts at investigating the matter haven't really enlightened me...

Maybe someone knows how to solve (or even just explain?!) the matter?

Thanks in advance!

  | George McNinch <gmcninch(at)>

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