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Re: gnus pop destination folder

From: yagnesh raghava
Subject: Re: gnus pop destination folder
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 18:01:46 +0900
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.0.95 (gnu/linux)

Hello Christopher,

Christopher Schmidt <> writes:

> yagnesh <> writes:
>> I have a mail source defined for pop account like this.
>> ,----
>> | (setq mail-sources '((pop :server "pop.uni"
>> |                           :user "me")))
>> `----
>> Gnus fetching mails from the server and storing in "~/Mail/mail/misc". I 
>> would
>> like Gnus to store them to a folder named "~/Mail/uni" or "~/Mail/mail/uni"
>> since I intend to add another pop account (hotmail).
> (info "(gnus)Splitting Mail")

Thank you very much for the reply,

I am aware of existence of splitting mail functionality of gnus but thought I 
use that for secondary level splitting. 

I am more of expecting/looking for a solution with movemail right now
(info "(Emacs)Movemail")

(setq mail-sources '((pop :server "pop.uni"
                          :user me
                          :program "movemail send this source to ~/Mail/uni")  
; <---------
                     (pop :server ""
                          :user me
                          :program "movemail send this source to 
~/Mail/livemail")) ; <---------

Once this is done I would start splitting mail from those. (please correct me
if that is not the way gnus work)

Another question, Manual says there is native movemail comes with GNU Emacs,
but I cant seem to find  it.



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