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Subscribing and unsubscribing via Gmane

From: Thorsten
Subject: Subscribing and unsubscribing via Gmane
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:24:51 +0200
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Hi List, 
this might a bit OT (and a rather newbie question):

I subscribed to a dozen mostly Emacs related mailing-lists through
gmane, i.e. by simply sending a first mail from gnus to the mailing list
and responding to the gmane authorization message within a week. 

Now I decided that I would like to use a more 'serious' email for all of
these groups and want to unsubscibe with my old email and subscribe with
my new one. 

And gnus should be aware of the change, i.e. use my new email
automatically for all posts I send to the mailing lists. 

Is there a simple way to do this from gnus like sending mails with 'Subject:
unsubscribe' from my old mail to all mailing-list and then do my next
postings with my new email, authorize, and gnus will know about the change?


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