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Re: Problems displaying Groundhog postings

From: Pedro Silva
Subject: Re: Problems displaying Groundhog postings
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 13:10:28 +0100
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Oliver Jennrich <> writes:

> First, I need a sanity check. If you could please check MID
> <> (a posting in the
> german-speaking newsgroup de.rec.fotografie). If I open that posting,
> the umlauts and the sharp-s are displayed as e.g. "\374". 

> I'd dismiss that as some oddity, if it wasn't for the case that another
> posting, this time correctly encoded as utf-8
> (<>) showed the same
> problems, only this time the sharp-s is displayed in two bytes (well, it
> is utf, after all) "\303\237".

> Is this a problem that is likely to exist only locally (e.g. my gnus
> installation being f... up) or does anyone else experience that problem
> as well?

Both articles render correctly here.

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